Melissa Capezzuto (Brahmani Om)

Melissa is honored to be the director of Dharma Yoga SF. It is a dream come true to offer a space in which students in the Bay area can gather together and practice the teachings from her guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. Melissa has devoted her life to realizing the Supreme Self while living in the everyday world. After years of study, she was accepted and initiated by Sri Dharma Mittra as Brahmani Om (the benevolent aspect of the Divine Mother). Melissa has made it her duty to honor Dharma and share his teaching in the purest way. She has reverently stayed true to the Classical Yoga from the lineage of Dharma and has imparted its essence throughout the globe by means of divinely realized techniques.
Melissa is known for her devotional teaching style, compassion, and humility. The Yamas and Niyamas are taught as the core component of this ancient science. She encourages students to connect with their spiritual hearts through the Divine spark already inside of them, finding their inner Truth, and Self through the first Yama, Ahimsa (non-harming) to all living beings. Her classes embody the eight limbs of Yoga, from the physical to the esoteric.
When she is not teaching in San Francisco, Melissa is extremely grateful to be assisting and mentoring for Sri Dharma’s 200, 500, and 800hr Life of a Yogi teacher trainings in NYC. She leads Dharma workshops worldwide and owns a Dharma Yoga retreat center in Vermont, which offers immersions and workshops helping students realize their higher Selves.

Maralle Fakhereddin

Maralle is ERYT-500 Certified Yoga Teacher and a Certified Yoga Life Coach. She just completed the 800hr teacher training with Yoga Master Sri Dharma Mittra, and has been certified at 500hr level with Sri Dharma in addition to her first 500hr certification with Baron Baptiste. She is an experienced guide and coach for the 40 Days to Personal Revolution program. As a student and teacher of yoga, she believes in the amazing transformative power of this practice and is thrilled and honored to share it with you. Maralle’s classes are filled with devotion, breath, expression, community and connection!

Jenna Pacelli

Jenna Pacelli is a Yoga Teacher and a Board-Certified Holistic Health Coach in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area. Her teachings in yoga are deeply influenced by her esteemed teachers, whom she has had the pleasure of learning from directly. Jenna learned the practice of Dharma Yoga from Sri Dharma Mittra and Melissa Capezzuto. Other influences and teachers include Vipassana meditation from S.N. Goenka, Integral Yoga from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, and Hatha Yoga from Saul David Raye. She received her training to be a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.
As a teacher, lecturer, and coach, Jenna guides her students and clients utilizing the Eight Limbs of Yoga as a comprehensive lens with a strong emphasis on the yamas and niyamas. Jenna is known for her joyful, devotional and disciplined teaching style, which she has carried across the world, including Aurovalley Ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas in India, and various locations throughout the US.

Charenne Quan

Charene Quan is a certified Dharma Yoga teacher who completed 200-hour Life of a Yogi Teacher Training in 2013. She has always been physically active in her life from running & cycling numerous races for charities, strength training, snowboarding, volunteering and traveling. Charene is truly grateful for all her senior teachers, Melissa Capezzuto and guru Sri Dharma Mittra for bestowing this gift of knowledge that forever changed her and the world around her.

Charene views Dharma Yoga as a sacred science; one that systematically illuminates the map to your higher self. As a teacher, and health & fitness enthusiast, she aims to guide her students to unlock their significance and find light within themselves with emphasis on the ahimsa. She teaches Dharma Yoga because she feels it is an authentic yoga that guides one to spiritual advancement. She finds Dharma’s asana practices to be invigorating and dynamic—instilling discipline, patience, love and compassion.

Charene loves finding her innermost on the mat, and increasingly off the mat as well. As in life, new skills arrive precariously with just a pinpoint of balance; and then with practice, pinpoints widen to sturdy platforms.

Steve Schmidt

After practicing and teaching power yoga for several years, Steve was drawn to Sri Dharma Mittra by his devotion and spiritual knowledge as well as his humility and playful spirit, as Steve was seeking more knowledge and experience in all eight limbs of yoga. Steve completed the 500 hour Life of a Yogi teacher training with Sri Dharma Mittra in 2013 and continues to travel to New York City whenever possible for weekend immersion workshops with his beloved teacher. Steve previously earned his 200 hour certification with Baron Baptiste and completed nearly 500 hours of training with Baron as well as certification in hands-on assisting and life coaching.

Steve is known for his patience and compassion while bringing flow and challenge to his classes, along with emphasis on focus and progressing on the path of self-realization, being compassionate to all, and seeing yourself in all beings.

Outside of the studio, Steve works full-time as an electrical engineer, is an avid cyclist, snowboarder, and enjoys hiking the bay area.

Angella Sprave

Angella has been a devoted yogini for over 15 years. She has practiced a number of styles with pure passion, and focuses on the spiritual and personal growth gained from yoga. She believes that through dedication to yoga and meditation, peace, presence and happiness flows. Angella is a graduate of the Dharma Mittra 200 hour training and continued her training with Dharma Mittra’s 500 hour program in 2012. She enjoys sharing the benefits of yoga with small groups at her home in San Francisco.

Howard Tom (Maruti Om)

Howard, a native San Franciscan, started practicing yoga in 1975 at the Integral Yoga Institute. He met Dharma Mittra in 2001. Howard had the joy attending retreats that Dharma and Eva had at their country house in the Catskills as well as attending classes in Manhattan back in the day. He completed the Dharma Yoga Teacher Training in 2003. Howard is grateful to have Dharma in his life and is looking forward to teaching Dharma Yoga classes. Howard is featured on Sri Dharma Mittra’s DVDs, Maha Sadhana. We are honored to have Howard teach at our studio, he is one of Dharma’s oldest disciples. As well as teaching yoga, Howard has a private bodywork practice specializing in tuina and shiatsu styles.

Teachers from other Lineages

Charity has been practicing Insight (Vipassana) Meditation since 2006, and has participated in trainings and retreats at Spirit Rock, Against the Stream Meditation Society, Insight SF, Redwood City Meditation and Retreat Centers, SF Zen Center, and with Thich Nhat Hanh at Deer Park Monastery. She’s been leading weekly classes and monthly workshops for adults in San Francisco since the Spring of 2013. In addition to teaching traditional insight meditation technique and the Dharma, she addresses the application of mindfulness to everyday issues like stress, relationships, parenting, joy, and climate action.

Charity also integrates mindfulness and related practices into her work with children and families via her award-winning JAM programs (“Charity and the JAMband” concerts and recorded music, “JAMboodas” parent/child classes, and “JAMcamp” for school-aged kids). As a mother, musician, songwriter, performer, and educator, her daily meditation practice is the cornerstone and anchor of her life. She is passionate about sharing with others the transformative practices of mindfulness, concentration, equanimity, lovingkindness and beyond, as inspired by the life and teachings of the Buddha.

For more info on Charity’s work, visit www.jamjamjam.com.